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Rancid (Really Awesome New Cisco confIg Differ)

Podemos utilizar Rancid para hacer backup de las configuraciones de nuestros routers, switches o firewalls

alteonAlteon WebOS switches.
baynetBay Networks router.
cat5Cisco catalyst series 5000 and 4000 switches (i.e.: running the catalyst OS, not IOS).
ciscoCisco router, PIX, or switch such as the 3500XL or 6000 running IOS (or IOS-like) OS.
cssCisco content services switch.
enterasysAn enterasys NAS. This is currently an alias for the riverstone device type.
erxA Juniper E-series edge router.
ExtremeAn Extreme switch.
ezt3An ADC-Kentrox EZ-T3 mux.
force10A Force10 router.
fortigateEquipos Fortigate
foundryA Foundry router, switch, or router-switch. This includes HP Procurve switches that are OEMs of Foundry products, such as the HP9304M.
hitachiA Hitachi routers.
h3c3Com SuperStack 4, H3C, HP Networking ('A' & some 'E' portfolio, post 2010 3Com acquitision), some Huawei equipment.
hpA HP Procurve switch such as the 2524 or 4108 procurve switches. Also see the foundry type.
mrtdA host running the (merit) MRTd daemon.
netscalarA Netscalar load balancer.
netscreenA Netscreen firewall.
redbackA Redback router, NAS, etc.
tntA lucent TNT.
zebraZebra routing software.
riverstoneA Riverstone NAS or Cabletron (starting with version ~9.0.3) router.
juniperA Juniper router.



Para instalar Rancid en Debian 8, basta con instalar el paquete rancid

apt-get install rancid

Referencias y notas

Particularmente utilizo Rancid para realizar Backup de las configuraciones de :

  • Routers / Switches / Firewalls
    • Cisco
    • 3Com y H3C
    • Fortinet
    • Aruba

Donde conseguir mas información :

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